La Maison Jaffran

4 rooms in Berzème (Ardèche)
in our Victorian period guest house

The European Eco-label

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The European Eco-label

The Maison Jaffran is working hard to keep up with a value which is dear to us : respecting the environment..

By respecting the simple yet strict rules laid out, the Maison Jaffran is committed to a sustainable approach, their goal being the  European Eco-label.

Here are some of the measures that have already  been taken :

  • The installation of flow reducers on taps, showers and toilets,
  • Wood pellets for heating,
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water requirements,
  • Production of “green” electricity by PV panels,
  • Replacing ordinary lightbulbs by energy-saving ones,
  • The use of rain  water for watering the garden,
  • Car park and garden lighting activated by presence detectors..


Achat de produits disposant de l'eco label

Relax in the Ardèche countryside (South France).